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地址:杭州市温州路126# 车库类型:升降横移类PSH214D-2 层数:2层 升降横移车位数:214
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Simple Lift
This type of parking equipment is simple in structure and easy to operate, and is mostly used in private residences, enterprises and institutions. This type of parking equipment can make full use of the basement space. At a certain area, the number of parking spaces will be at least doubled. -Generally, it is a quasi-unmanned way.
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Lifting And Moving
Economical three-dimensional parking equipment has strong adaptability to the site. It can be combined and arranged arbitrarily according to different terrains and spaces. The scale can be large or small. The requirements are relatively low, therefore, the application of lifting and transversal parking garages is very common.
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Vertical Lifting
Vertical lift parking garages are intensive three-dimensional parking garages. Generally, two vehicles are used as a level. The entire storage garage can be as many as 20-25 floors, which can be parked for 40- 50 cars, covering an area of less than 50 square meters, on average, each car occupies an area of only 1-1.2 square meters, so among all types of storage garages, the utilization rate of plane and space is the most high. It is most suitable for construction in the bustling city center area and parking spot with high concentration of vehicles.
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Add: Huaxing Modern Industrial Park, 18 Tangmiao Road, Hangzhou


Sales Call:13606524486

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