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Partner classification:

Regional distributor:

1. The spokesperson of Furui Technology in the area
2. Market promotion and technology promotion of Furui technology products in the area
3. The development and management of the agent in the area
4. Enjoy all aspects of technical support and market support from Furui Technology
5. The manager and maintainer of the regional market order
6. Regularly report business conditions and submit relevant reports to grasp market trends
7. Comply with other requirements of Furui Technology


1. Authorized by Furui Technology to act as an agent for Furui Technology products
2. Enjoy Furui Technology's comprehensive technical support and market support
3. Comply with the market rules formulated by Furui Technology and the sales department
4. Obey Furui Technology’s Regional management


Authorized special channel distributors:
1. Authorize for specific projects
2. Enjoy Freetech's comprehensive technical support and market support
3. Strategic adjustments in related fields are not subject to regional restrictions
4. Must ensure the market price and order of Freetech products
5 , Can develop into a long-term strategic partner


Partner qualification requirements
1. Have the necessary corporate qualifications and commercial credit
2. Have certain relevant industry sales experience, and have at least one sales engineer certified by Furui Technology
3. Have the strength to explore the market and provide a practical market expansion plan
4. Have the ability to meet annual sales requirements


Support obtained by partners
1. Product and sales training
2. Production assistance for plans and tender documents
3. Solution assistance for project implementation and maintenance
4. Real-time technical consultation and acceptance (telephone, telex, online consultation, etc.)
5. Market promotion Activity support
6. Market evaluation assistance and continuous improvement suggestions
7. Freetech sales representative's assistance in market expansion and management
8. Coordination of conflicts between partners


The parking industry is a sunrise industry, and the market will grow at a rate of 100%. Hope and difficulties coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist. I look forward to working with you, and hope to create a bright future for the parking equipment market with you!


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Sales Call:13606524486

Add: Huaxing Modern Industrial Park, 18 Tangmiao Road, Hangzhou



Sales Call:13606524486

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